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Jocelyn Tsaih

Jocelyn Tsaih is a Taiwanese-American artist currently based in Oakland, California. Her work is about identity, self-reflection, and human nature. More often than not, her work features an amorphous character meant to embody the spirit of beings. She is inspired by the everyday interactions and relationships we have to the people and things around us. 


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Tim Singleton

Tim Singleton is a designer, illustrator, and overall good time, living in Toronto, Canada. He has always been captivated by neon and, more often than not, amidst the bright colors, he has a message—always delivered in custom type. Sometimes he quotes songs or books. Sometimes they're just random thoughts.  His work is also inspired by queer communities, making use of bold colors to celebrate spaces in which people can freely express who they are. 


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Olivia Sawai

Olivia Sawai or better known as O is an Abstract Artist and Freelance Designer based in Long Beach, California. Her work is known for her eclectic color palettes that bring together abstract shapes and everyday objects to reflect her world. As of lately, O draws inspiration from Mid-Century Modern architecture, interior design and crazy unique furniture which also reflects her home environment. Color plays an essential role in her work as she whips up creations to harmonize contrasting hues that evoke bright and positive attitudes! 


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Becca Kellner

 Becca lives in Toronto, Canada and makes cards with the intention of offering a means to celebrate the day-to-day with the simple sincerity of a good 'dad joke'. She finds that the front of a greeting card sets the tone for what's inside. It can hold a lightness to it, when what's to come may be heavier. Her goal with her work is to share a feeling of warmth that holds a space where further expression can take shape.

Toluwa Awodiya


Toluwa Awodiya is a Nigerian born, Toronto based artist obsessed with reading, writing and most especially, drawing words. She is primarily motivated by the desire to communicate concepts and ideas with simplicity and beauty. There is rarely a central theme to her art but she is most often drawn to using calming, earthy colours with the hope that her work gives people a sense of peace and clarity.

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Elizabeth Galian


Elizabeth is an animator and designer based in New York City. She loves drawing people she meets around her neighborhood and enjoys making work that makes people smile. There are so many things to draw inspiration from in New York, but some of her favorites are friendly subway strangers, deli cats, and her roommate’s bad jokes.


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